No 13

"No. 13", Fresh Fun, 1940s

William A. Ward directed the 26 Bonzo animated films, based on the comic strip by George E. Studdy, in 1924-25. In the late 1930s he drew "Donald Duck" (1937-40) for Mickey Mouse Weekly and "Jumping Jiminy" (1939-40) for The Dandy.

In the 40s he worked for the comics of Gerald Swan, drawing such strips as "The Bat" (1940) for Thrill Comics and Extra Fun; "Hurricane Hurry" for New Funnies (1940-44) and Topical Funnies (1948); "The Iron Warrior" for Thrill Comics (1940-45) and New Funnies (1948); "Krakos the Egyptian" for New Funnies (1941) and Thrill Comics (1941-44); "Sheriff Fox" for New Funnies (1940-49), Slick Fun (1945) and Fresh Fun (1948); and "No. 13" and "Dr. Satani, Crime Chemist" for Fresh Fun.


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