"Two Halves: Pink Skies"

"Two Halves" is a two-part 2005 strip by Sweatdrop Studios. It consists of "Two Halves: Blue Seas" by Hayden Scott-Baron (published in the anthology Blue is for Boys) and "Two Halves: Pink Skies" by Carrie Dean (published in Pink is for Girls).

"Blue Seas" tells the story of a young man who is so enamoured with a fictional pirate-themed manga series called Two Halves (an obvious nod to the real-life manga One Piece) that he decides to become a pirate himself, and assembles a crew to help him find a particularly rare piece of Two Halves merchandise.

"Pink Skies" stars a female Two Halves fan who tries to join his crew, only to come to blows with him when he rejects her for not being physically attractive enough.

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