Tornado issue 8, 1979

Tornado was a short-lived weekly comic published by IPC from March to August 1979. It was created to use up material commissioned for other titles like Action and Starlord, and was a mixture of genres. Originated by Kelvin Gosnell with a working title of Heroes, it was edited by Richard Burton, with some supervision by David Hunt. It's figurehead "editor" was Big E, represented by posed photos of artist Dave Gibbons in a superhero costume.

Strips included:

After 22 issues, it was merged into 2000 AD. The strips that carried over were "Wolfie Smith", "Blackhawk" (who, to make the strip more acceptable for a science fiction comic, was abducted by aliens and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena) and "Captain Klep".


Online referenceEdit

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