Cover of issue zero, showing the comic's fictional editorial team.

The Phoenix is a weekly children's comic containing both humour and adventure strips, along with puzzles and occasional text stories. A promotional issue of The Phoenix, numbered zero, was published in December 2011; the comic's proper run from issue 1 onwards began in January 2012.

The comic has is a spiritual successor to The DFC, sharing a similar tone, many of the same contributors and one of the same strips (Dave Shelton's "Good Dog, Bad Dog").




Text featuresEdit

  • "Tale Feathers" by various (0-21, 23-40, 42-43, 47-48, 56-57, 60, 105-10?)
  • "Charlie Small" by anonymous (?, 63-64, 68-69, 73-74, 87-88, 92-94, 96-98, 101-103, 120-123)
  • "The Hunter's Desk" by Richard Collingridge and Tom Fickling (70, 78, 81, 91)
  • "The Little Gold Cup" by anonymous (95)
  • "The Bishop of Bosh" by anonymous (112)
  • "Comet Hunter" by Robin McKie and Richard Collingridge


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