Left to right: Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Hubbard, Dog Toby, Simple Simon, Jack Horner, Boy Blue, Johnny Stout, Humpty Dumpty.

"The Merry Mischiefs" is a strip that ran in Sunbeam, drawn by Freddie Crompton, starring a set of characters lifted from nursery rhymes and fairy tales: Simple Simon, Jack Horner, Boy Blue, Johnny Stout and Humpty Dumpty were cast as mischievious schoolboys, little Red Riding Hood took on a sort of elder sister role, and Mother Hubbard served as a teacher; Dog Toby rounded out the cast.

The appropriation of fantasy characters for a strip with such a conventional setting seems a trifle odd. A strip in the 1935 Sunbeam Annual is particularly strange, as the fairy tale figures are seen attending a stage version of Aladdin.

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