The jock

Illustration by Nigel Lowrey from the 2005 version

The Jock was a small press series written and published by Rol Hirst between 1993 and 1998. The original artist was Tim Chapman, but the majority of the series was drawn by Nigel Lowrey and Adrian Bamforth. Set in a repressive future where people are brainwashed into subservience by manufactured muzak created by government/corporation YourEnt, the eponymous hero was a rebel DJ who awoke people from their brainwashed state by playing them real rock'n'roll. 27 issues and a few specials, A5 photocopied booklets with coloured card covers, were published. In 2005, Hirst and Lowry attempted to reboot the series, publishing a 23-page first chapter online, but this was not continued.

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