J Edward Oliver's interpretation of the character.

Not to be confused with the eighties DC Thomson comic Champ.

"The Champ" (originally just "Champ") was a comic that ran in Whizzer and Chips. The main character was a competetive lad bent on being the champion at every hobbie he took up - when he found a record, he just had to break it. His catchphrase was "You name it - I'm champ at it!"

Originally drawn by Leo Baxendale, the strip was subesquently handled by Colin Whittock, J Edward Oliver and Paul Ailey. Although Whittock followed Baxendale closely, Olivier's version redesigned the character somewhat - once a sprightly wee thing, he devoloped a fairly buff build that perhaps fit his macho persona more. Ailey's take on the Champ perhaps fit between the two preceeding interpretations.[1]



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