Francis Joseph Terence Maloney (b. Mortlake, Surrey, 20 April 1917; d. 16 March 2008) was the son of a printer and studied at Richmond School of Art. In 1937, while still a student, he joined the Communist Party, and later in the year volunteered with the International Brigades to fight in the Spanish Civil War, where he sustained a shrapnel wound to the chest in the Battle of the Ebro in 1938. He also served in the Royal Corps of Signals in the Second World War, taking part in the D-Day landings and serving in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

In 1946 he designed posters for the London Underground, and became art editor of Spain Today, which publicised repressive conditions in Spain since General Franco's victory in the Civil War. His interest in astronomy led to him joining the British Astronomical Association, and later becoming a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, as well as giving him an interest in science fiction and space travel.

In 1950 he joined Frank Hampson's studio to work on Dan Dare in the Eagle, but only lasted a few months, objecting to the long working hours Hampson demanded. He went on to illustrate science fiction paperback covers, and to write and illustrate books on astronomy for children.


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