• "Bella at the Bar": Bella sticks up for a bullie male ballerina.
  • "Nice Things To Do": Text feature. "Put on some funky music... preferably old discs that make you giggle - and ask a mad friend around to bop"
  • "Wee Sue": Sue saves the Christmas play.
  • "Lady Margaret": Text story.
  • "Bessie Bunter": Bessie goes down the museum.
  • "Select A Star": Quiz. Find out which "dishy pop star" you should go out with.
  • "Puzzle Fun": "Which one of the three balloons is Susan holding?" &c
  • "The Magic Violin": A mysterious old man gives a girl his violin.
  • "Get Yourself a Green Finger": Gardening tips.
  • "Where in the World...": Photos from far-flung locales.
  • "All Aboard the Skytrain": Text feature on aeroplanes.
  • "Belt Up!": Text feature. "Who wants to spend upwards of £2.50 on a silly little thing like a belt?"
  • "Bessie Bunter": Bessie daydreams about becoming invisible.
  • "Escape From the Haunted House!": Maze.
  • "Animal Magic": Facts about animals.
  • "Fizz Bang it's in the Can!": Text feature on soda manufacture.
  • "Slave of the Apaches": Text story.
  • "At the Rainbow's End": A girl goes looking for a crock of gold.
  • "Twangy Pearl": The elastic girl causes havoc in a dining hall.
  • "Survival": Quiz. What would you do in an unfortunate situation?
  • "Animal Magic": Photos of giraffes, a dog carrying a chimp, and a load of dogs in socks.
  • "Patsy and the Beast of Banchester": Schoolgirl Patsy Dean gets her own back on some bullies.
  • "Patch it Up": How to patch up clothing.
  • "A Fancy Dress Wardrobe": How to make dresses.
  • "Animal Magic": A photo of a dog.
  • "Beside the Sea": Seasie photos.
  • "Get the Bird!": Text feature on garden birds.
  • "Make the Most of it...": Recipes.
  • "Bessie Bunter": Bessie takes part in a sack race.
  • "The Lucky One": Text story.
  • "Aztec Gold": A Mexican girl tries to lift an Indian curse.
  • "Face up to your Face": Make-up advice.
  • "Animal Magic": Facts about birds.
  • "Secret of Headland House": A girl stumbles upon a smuggling operation.
  • "Ever Gone Beetroot?": Quiz on embarrassing situations.
  • "Sweet 'n' Juicy": Recipes.
  • "To Make You Chuckle!": Single-panel cartoons.
  • "Merlin's Magic Ride": Text story.
  • "Just For a Laugh": Single-panel cartoons.
  • "No Tears for Molly": A girl sees a strangely familiar ghost.
  • "Puzzle Answers Page"

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