• "Muffin and the Witch Doctor"
  • "Hank"
  • "Sooty the Space Man is not to be sneezed at"
  • "Mr Pastry Lets Things Slide"
  • "Muffin the Mule"
  • "Prudence Kitten - The Magic Wand and the Water Lilies"
  • "A Party for Pansy"
  • "The Rocking Horse"
  • "Little Joe's Sleeping Song"
  • "Clowns are Always Favourites"
  • "Mr. Turnip and the Twins"
  • "Television Party"
  • "An Island for Zenzi"
  • "Three Wishes for Tusker"
  • "Larry's Birthday"
  • "The Nut Tree"
  • "Sooty has a whale of a time with his Magic"
  • "Colonel Crock Goes Fishing"
  • "Timothy Rabbit Takes a Trip"
  • "Philip & Anne's Christmas Adventure"
  • "Peregrine and the Twins - Stuck with the Apples"
  • "Esk and Moe - Attack by Air"
  • Board game
  • "Polly Copter's Jungle Adventure"
  • "Great T.V. Comic 3 Lap Sports Car Race"
  • "A Page for Cubs and Brownies"
  • "Puffer Dog: Annette Mills' New T.V. Pup"
  • "Getting to Know the Flowers that Grow"
  • "Puzzle Corner"
  • "Days and Months of the Year"
  • "The Crock of Gold"
  • "The Snow Man"
  • "The Fancy Dress Ball"
  • "TV's Nature Page"
  • "Charlie Parkin tries to help and Mr. Schlip-schlop gives a hand"
  • "Choo Choo and Puff Puff's New Year's Resolutions"
  • "Lollipop"
  • "Tinker"
  • "T.V. Tim"
  • "Carol"
  • "The Unicorn, the Mermaid and the Cuckoo"

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