"Super Dad" was a strip that ran in Whizzer and Chips, first appearing in 1970,[1] drawn by Mike Brown.

The strip provided a twist on an old premise. It followed a naughty boy in a standard-issue stripy top as he made much mischief before being punished by his dad. But unlike the other strips with the same formula the father in question happened to be a superhero, clad in spandex and a bowler hat, armed with a range of pre-Crisis superpowers with which to dish out ironic retribution on his wayward lad.

In a typical storyline, the boy pelts a newlywed couple with eggs. Super Dad responds by travelling back in time to obtain a dinosaur egg, cooking it over the sun using the Lovell Telescope as a frying pan, and then emptying it over his son's head.

The strip has no relation to "Super Mum", which ran in Whoopee!.



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