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The Sunbeam Annual was an annual published by AP, spun-off from Sunbeam. Billed itself as "Uncle Jack's joy-book of pictures, stories and tricks".



  • "The Devil's Forks": Prose story.
  • "The Joyland Express": Two pigs muck about on a beach.
  • "The Old Bridge": Poem.
  • "The Quarrel, and what Happened when Jill and Jim were Friends Again": Prose story.
  • "Prickles the Hedgehog": The exploits of Prickles the hedgehog, Neddy Gnome and the Mousey Boys. "I don't want Neddy to see my cheese! I will paint it like a milestone!"
  • "Easy Things to Make": How to make a pair of scales, a little pillar-box and a coffee-stall.
  • "The King's Jester": Prose story.
  • "The Merry Mischiefs": The kids polish a bunch of old lamps in the hopes of finding a genie.
  • "The Runaway Umbrella": Poem.
  • "The White Tomahawk: A Thrilling Story of Indians on the War-path: Prose story. Of Indians on the war-path.
  • "The Pig who Flew: Prose story.
  • "Sambo has an Exciting Day": Sambo makes a swing on a pair of stork eggs.
  • "Black Roger: A Tale of the Highwaymen of Lonesome Moor": Prose story.
  • Single-panel cartoons featuring Piggywig, Teddy-Bear, Pugwug, Jumbo, Jimmy, Keeper Curlytail, Jimmy Lion, Jimmy's pa, Daddy Bruin
  • Untitled strip about gnomes
  • "Lazybones: or, Looking for Treasure": Prose story.
  • "The Mystery Tea Party Puzzle" Puzzle.
  • "The Old Letter Box": Prose story.
  • "Goblin School": Prose story.
  • "Any Flowers To-Day?": Poem.
  • "The Three Notes": Prose story.
  • "A Tree-Top Tale": Prose story.
  • "The County Puzzle": Puzzle.
  • Illustrated page with pixies on it. "The Pixie Post in Dingle Dell is Surely Doing Very Well."
  • "Strong-Heart's Daughter: A Tale of the Redskins": Joyce, a settler's daughter, is captured by Indians.
  • "Jumbo Jim and Brother Tim": Two elephants incur the wrath of their uncle by mucking about with hoops.
  • "The Gipsy's Bangle: An Exciting Story of Daisy Bell and Robin Hood": Prose story.
  • "How Cinderella Saved the Tarts": Cinderella, in her pre-ball days, hides some tarts from her sister.
  • "A Lovely Dream": Puzzle.
  • "Granny Grump's Christmas Stocking: How Celia and Tom brought happiness to a lonely old lady": Prose story.
  • "The Path of Danger: A Story of Betty and Bobbie, the Children of the Lighthouse": Prose story.
  • "Up to Mischief: A Story Without Words": Two kids muck about on top of a telegraph pole.
  • "The Adventures of Mr Caterpillar Bill": Prose story.
  • "The Fuzzy Wuzzies' Holiday": Billy takes the Fuzzy Wuzzies to the seaside.
  • "The Two Winners: A Story with a Surprise Finish": Prose story.
  • "Uncle Jack's Tricks and Puzzles": Riddle about splinters, some trick involving a halfpenny, etc.
  • "In the Land of Snow and Ice": An explorer and his son become stranded in the Arctic.
  • "The Comical Kitchen: A Jolly Tale of Monty Mouse and his night-time friends": Prose story.
  • "A Chatty Chat": Story in verse.
  • "The Magic Kite": Prose story.
  • "The Old Letter Box": Prose story.
  • "Daddy Darkie's Moving Day": Daddy Darkie converts Georgie Giraffe into a removal van.
  • "60 Prizes for Painting this Picture": Contest. Colour a fairy and win big, big, big!
  • "Uncle Jack's Letter"


  • "Filling a Throne"
  • Single panel cartoons featuring Micky Monk, Billy Bear, Teacher, Billy, First Mr. Bee, Second Mr. Bee, Freddy Fox, Dicky Duck, Oscar Ostrich and Mrs. Ostrich
  • "Cinderella Has the Last Laugh"
  • "The Unimportance of Ellerie"
  • "Pancake Day"
  • "Easy Things to Make"
  • "The Merry Mischiefs"
  • "Eagles of the Sea"
  • "Moonshine Caravan"
  • "Hide and Seek"
  • "A Ride to Friendship: An Exciting Story of the African Veldt"
  • "Ib, the Eskimo, Gets a Big Surprise"
  • "The Ballad of Barney Grey"
  • "The Tickly Powder: An Amusing Story About Bobo, the Jolly Little Monkey"
  • "Knife-Grinder Jack"
  • "The Fairy Ring: A Charming Fairy Story"
  • "The Pixie Garage"
  • "Tales to Tell"
  • "Riddles to Ask"
  • "The Pixie Forge"
  • "The Dolphin on the Door: How He Brought Happiness to Two Young People"
  • "Pickles of the Pond"
  • "Uncle Jack's Tricks & Puzzles"
  • "Riches of the River: An Exciting Story of a Treasure Hunt"
  • "The Force of Discipline"
  • "A Model Castle"
  • "A Moonlight Flip in Pixieland"
  • "The Fur Thief: A Thrilling Story of the Wild West"
  • "Sambo, Sue and Jolly Golly"
  • "Under the Greenwood Tree: A Tale of the Days of Robin Hood"
  • "Laughing Water: Princess of the Prairie"
  • "A Jolly Dot Puzzle"
  • "The Tree that Wouldn't Grow"
  • "Bobby and his Bears"
  • "Willie Weather Pays his Debt: A Delightful Story Telling How a Little Bird Repaid a Kindness"
  • "A Surprise for Tommy Tucker"
  • "The Finishing Touch: An Exciting School Story"
  • "Prickles the Hedgehog has a Stroke of Luck"
  • "The Clock-Mender of Strindberg: About an Obstinate Clock that Would Not Go"
  • "A Jolly Firework Cross-Word Puzzle"
  • "Comical Kitchen: All About Monty Mouse and the Jolly Kitchen Folk"
  • A maze
  • "Uncle Jack's Letter"

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