Cover of issue 1

Streamline Comics was a superhero comic featuring art by Denis Gifford which began in 1947 and lasted for four issues. Its main character was a costumed hero in the American tradition named Keenan King (alias Streamline), gifted with superhuman speed and regenerative ability.[1]

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Gifford created at least two of the earliest British Golden Age superheroes, Mr Muscle for Dynamic Comics (1945) and Streamline, "The fastest fighter in the world" co-created with Bob Monkhouse (1947). Gifford himself credits "the first British superhero in the American comic book style” to Derickson Dene by Nat Brand in British anthology comic The Triumph in 1939, but both Mr Muscle and Streamline were early attempts to introduce British characters in a characteristically American genre, prompted by severely limited imports or reprints of US superhero titles due to wartime paper rationing and import restrictions.

In 1989 Streamline made a guest appearance in Grant Morrison's 2000 AD strip "Zenith" along with other vintage British superheroes, Streamline himself becoming a traitor serving the alien villains. Since 1986, the original four-issue run of Streamline (only #1 had story and art by Gifford) has been reprinted along with several other out-of-print Golden Age superheroes by British independent comics publisher Black Tower Comics Group.




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