The cast of Spooky Skaters.

"The Spooky Skaters" is a strip about a gang of ghostly sk8r kids. It appeared in a standalone comic by Angela Salt and Stuart Harrison in October 2007[1] before appearing in The Dandy Xtreme in 2009 (making its debut in issue 3479). The first Dandy Xtreme strip sees them standing up against a pair of zit-faced hooligans trying to vandalise their skate park


Rip: The group's leader. A skeletal skateboarder.
Zomboy: A rollerblader. Sports dreadlocks, which is a bit odd for a skeleton, but there we go.
Jinx: A rollerskater, and the group's only girl. Describes herself as a rollerghost.
Hex: Another skeletal skateboarer. Has magic powers.
Juju: A vertically challanged skeletal skateboarder.

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Sold to The Dandy, the comic strip has now ended. (Source)


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