"Space Oddities" was a strip that ran in the first seven issues of CLiNT.

Showing the influence of series such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits (and perhaps "Future Shocks") "Space Oddites" consisted of self-contained stories with twist endings; usually these had a science fiction or fantasy theme (the one exception was Ian Rankin's strip in issue five, a straight crime story). A revolving set of contributors provided the strip.

In what was possibly a self-deprecating jab at early CLiNT's reliance on the pulling-power of TV personalities, the strip's full title contained a facetious celebrity endorsement that changed throughout the first few instalments ("The Duke of Edinburgh Presents Space Oddities", "Mahatma Gandhi Presents Space Oddities" etc.) Eventually it settled on "Penelope Stock-Photo Presents Space Oddities", accompanied by an image of a woman in a wooly hat playing a guitar.

Chris Eliopolous lettered the strips in issues 1, 3, 4 and 7.

Although CLiNT frontman Mark Millar announced that submissions were open for a second wave, these never materialised. However, various people who created unused strips decided to get together and self-publish an anothology entitled SPOD! - Oddities from Space, which at the time of writing is a Kickstarter project.[1][2]



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