Silly Sausage was a strip in The Beezer and Topper, first appearing in issue 74 (15th February 1992). It was drawn by Gordon Bell, though Vic Neill drew a few strips during the run. It originally appeared in the Topper section of the comic.

The strip was about a sentient sausage who would often daft things, much to the amusement and/or annoyance of the other sausages in the fridge. Often, Silly Sausage would pretend to be something else (such as a chicken or a dog).

Silly Sausage went on to become a mainstay in the comic, only missing 13 issues after his debut. His last appearance was in the final issue of The Beezer and Topper, #153 (22nd August 1993). It was not picked up by The Dandy or The Beano following the comic's demise.

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