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School Friend

Cover art from the original School Friend, 1920s

The School Friend was published by Amalgamated Press as a story paper for girls from 1919 to 1929, when it was renamed The Schoolgirl, and continued until 1940.

School Friend was revived as a comic in 1950, publishing a mixture of comic strips and prose stories, and was published by AP, then Fleetway and IPC.. It ran until 1965, when it was merged into June, becoming June & School Friend.   The Editor of June & School Friend was Mavis Miller.  Art Editor: Colin Parker.  Sub-editors: Terence Magee, Jackie Davies. Art Assistants: Ken "Sherry" Sherrington, Roger Prickett

Art Agencies used were run by Dick and Jack Wall;  Temple Art Agency by Danny and Pat Kelleher;  Bardon Art Associates by Barry Coker; Creaciones Ilustradas by Luis Llorente

Series included:

There was also a School Friend Picture Library, published from 1962 to 1965, when it became June and School Friend Picture Library, and then June and School Friend and Princess Picture Library in 1966.

A companion paper was Lindy, published in 1975 and folding 6 months later.  The Editor was Norman Worker.  One of the stories was "Hard Days For Hilda", written by Terence Magee.


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