"Rainbow Road" is a strip that appeared in the 1977 Twinkle Annual.

The strip told the story of two twins, Bob and Betty Wilson, who move into a new house in Rainbow Road. Despite its name their new neighbourhood turns out to be dull and grey, and the children next door show little interest in meeting the Wilsons.

The twins decide to buy a pot of bright yellow paint for their door. The neighbours' children are taken with his idea and paint their door red; soon, all the doors on Rainbow Road are bright colours, and the neighbourhood is all the more cheerful for it.

Although their ethnicity is not specifically mentioned in the story the Wilsons are depicted in the illustrations as black, and the story seems to be a parable on race relations. Published shortly after the establishment of the Commission for Racial Equality, "Rainbow Road" was unusually topical for a Twinkle strip.

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