Prat feels he's a really rubbish man.

Postman Prat is a strip running in The Dandy, drawn by Lew Stringer and first appearing in issue 3508 (October 30 2010). The main character is, quite simply, a postman who is a prat. He also has a cat named Tess, extending the titular pun on beloved children's series Postman Pat.

For a short while, the character was incorrectly identified online as being named "Blurp". This bizarre misconception came about when Stringer, before the strip's official debut, teased a blurry silhouette of the character on his blog with the filename "blurP.jpg". The website Bleeding Cool reported "blurP" as being the name of Stringer's strip, and Digital Spy repeated the error, adjusting the capitalisation to "Blurp". Stringer eventually clarified that "blurP" is just the word "blur" followed by the character's initial.[1]


  1. Who is Blurp!?! - Blimey! It's another blog about comics

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