Overkill Issue 1

Overkill was a Marvel UK anthology published during the 1990s, deliberately designed as a Marvel equivalent to 2000 AD.

The title initially reprinted pages of Marvel UK's US formatted comics  Motormouth, Dark Angel, Digitek and Warheads and had a very limited budget for originating new material.

Originally, the title only featured the non-superhero pages of the US titles it sourced material from - writers on those had to write two stories, one at 22 page length featuring superheroes but take into account that 11 pages would feature in Overkill where, Editorial Director Paul Neary felt, superheroes would be persona non grata. These 11 pages of non-superhero material had to stand on their own as a story.

After market research indicated this was counter-productive - the target audience expected superheroes in a Marvel branded comic - the policy was dropped, with Death's Head taking a prominent role in the comic. was also added to the mix.

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