Malcolm Campbell Shaw was born on 5 December 1946, and joined IPC as a sub-editor. He was involved in the launch of Jinty with Pat Mills in 1974. He wrote a lot of stories for girls' comics, including "The Robot Who Cried" for Jinty and "The Sentinels" for Misty, and also wrote a handful of early "Judge Dredd" stories for 2000 AD in 1977. He became editor of Misty in 1980, and wrote the serial "Return to Armageddon" for 2000 AD in 1981. He was the originating editor of Beeb, but died of cancer before it launched, in December 1984.


  • Colin M. Jarman and Peter Acton, Judge Dredd: The Mega History, Lennard Publishing, 1995, p. 34

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