"Lancelot Knight", from either Eagle or Boys' World, 1967-70

Luis Bermejo Rojo was born in Madrid on 12 August 1931. He started his career in comics as assistant to Manuel Gago, before getting work in Britain in the late 1950s through the agency A.L.I., later also working through Bardon Art and Studio d'Ami.

Staring with Mirabelle and Super Detective Library in 1957, he also worked for Girl's Crystal, Romeo, Tarzan Adventures and The Comet in the 50s. In the 60s he drew for Cherie, Princess and Titbits, Boys' World and Diana, as well as Fleetway's digest titles, including Thriller Picture Library, Air Ace Picture Library, Battle Picture Library and War Picture Library, and DC Thomson's digest title Commando. For the Eagle he drew "Mann of Battle" (1962) and "Heros the Spartan" (1963-66). In 1966-7 he drew "Johnny Future" for Fantastic, and in the late 60s and early 70s contributed to educational magazines Tell Me Why and Look and Learn and nursery titles Once Upon a Time and Tiny Tots. His last work in the UK was for Princess Tina and Playhour in 1973.

In the 70s and 80s he worked for Warren Publishing in the USA, and in the 80s worked in Spanish and Italian comics, including a Spanish adaptation of The Lord of the Rings in 1980.


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