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Legend Horror Classics was a poster magazine from Legend Publishing which made its debut in 1975. Kevin O'Neill was closely involved with the publication, providing some of the comic strips and serving as art editor, before becoming editor.[1]

Each issue focused on a different monster or other horror subject. The first issue was dedicated to Dracula, with photos of various screen vampires on the cover and a strip adapting the 1973 film version with Jack Palance and Simon Ward. Issue 2 had a Frankenstein retelling based primarily on the 1931 Universal film, although Victor Frankenstein was drawn to resemble Peter Cushing, who played him in the Hammer series.[1]

Later topics covered were The 7th Voyage of Sinbad in issue 3 (which presumably qualified for a horror magazine by dint of Ray Harryhausen's monsters), Blood Lust of the Zombies in issue 4, Hammer's Dracula has Risen from the Grave (under the title "Dracula Must be Destroyed") in issue 5,[2] Terror from Space in issue 6 and the story of Beowulf in issue 7 (whose strip was drawn by Derek Tyson).[1][3][4]

For a brief period the magazine started looking for more original concepts for its strips. Issue 8's "Killer Jaws", about a man-eating shark, was obviously inspired by the film Jaws; however, it departed from the film by using a prehistoric setting and an overt fantasy element with the presence of a zombie-like "half-man". Lew Stringer has suggested that the strip may have been an influence on "Hook Jaw" from Action. Finally, issue 9 ran a strip called "The Jokers", about two men - one tall and thin, the other short and fat - who enjoy playing gruesome pranks; this was possibly inspired by Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and its sequels.[1]

Although Legend Horror Classics continued for a few more issues, from issue 10 onwards it no longer run comic strips.[3]


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