Korky the Cat's current incarnation, drawn by Phil Corbett.

"Korky the Cat" is a strip that runs in The Dandy. It stars an often mischevious cat who has taken on a number of roles over the decades.

Korky made his debut in the very first issue of The Dandy' in 1937, drawn by Jimmy Crighton, and his strip was printed on the comic's cover.[1] Charles Grigg took over after Crighton's death in 1962.

In 1984 Desperate Dan - another character who'd been in The Dandy from the first issue - displaced Korky as the comic's cover star.[2] Korky seemed to fall out of favour in subsequent years, never becoming quite as beloved a character as Dan. At around the time of The Dandy's 2004 overhaul, readers were polled on their favourite and and least favourite characters, and Korky didn't get a single vote in either category.[3] When the new-look Dandy appeared, Korky was nowhere to be seen.

He did eventually appear in the new-look publication, however, interviewing TV personalities in a hip new guise. When The Dandy was given another overhaul in late 2010 Phil Corbett began drawing the strip.


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