The Gestapo commandant realises the truth.

"Knife for a Nazi" is a Commando story written by "Eliott" and drawn by "Salmeron". It originally appeared in issue 16 in 1962; it was later reprinted in issue 4513.

The comic - specifically, its cover, painted by Ken Barr - has the dubious honour of being one of the few non-American publications to be showcased on Superdickery, a website dedicated to poking fun at various comics.[1]


In June 1944, a group of British soldiers in Normandy are tasked with carrying out a raid on a key German radar station. Amongst the men is Lieutenant Mike Marsden, an explosives expert. The leader of the group, Major Jarvis, is doubtful as to whether Marsden is cut out for the job.

As the men sail to their destination, Marsden's dinghy overturns and the explosives are lost. Jarvis is furious, but Marsden points out that the local resistance will be able to provide new explosives.

The British soldiers meet up with their French allies, but it turns out that they are out of explosives as well. Together, they hatch a plan to ambush a German convoy and replenish their supplies. Jarvis orders Marsden to stay behind, but he disobeys his commands and sneaks off on his own to get a piece of the action.

The men duly attack the convoy, but one truck manages to escape the ambush, thereby endangering the whole mission. Fortunately for the Allies, Marsden catches sight of the vehicle and destroys it.

Even though Marsden saved the party, Jarvis promises to have him court-martialled when they arrive back in England. One member of the band, Jim Wheatley, sticks up for Marsden, but Jarvis does not listen.

They carry on with their mission. Marsden again gets on the wrong side of Jarvis, this time for booby-trapping three German trucks without orders.

Later, the group decides to ambush some Gestapo men, steal their uniforms, and infiltrate the radar station in disguise; Marsden and Jarvis are amongst the men who take on this task. A British sergeant is killed during the ambush, but the operation is otherwise successful and the fake Gestapo are allowed into the radar station.

However, a German patrol finds the real Gestapo tied-up alongside the deceased British sergeant. The radar station is alerted and a fight breaks out, with the British coming out on top. Marsden successfully places the explosives and the commandos beat a retreat from the station, Marsden blowing up a German tank along the way.

As the radar station explodes in flames, the commandos reach their French allies but find that one of their number, Spellman, is badly wounded. Jarvis initially declares that he should be left behind, but Marsden insists on staying with him. As the rest of the unit heads on its way, Jarvis also stays behind, revealing that Spellman is a family friend: he had no intention of leaving the injured man alone.

As Marsden and Jarvis carry Spellman to shelter, they are attacked by Germans. Spellman is killed and Jarvis injured, but they are saved by Jim Wheatley, who was hiding nearby. While making their way to safety they come across a wireless van which links the German search parties.

They destroy the van with grenades, and are attacked by German troops as a result. Wheatley sacrifices himself to save Marsden and Jarvis, who survive to meet their comrades on the beach.

A British submarine arrives to take them away. As they return to Britain, they pass the invasion fleet which is on its way to France.


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