John Dallas Lumbering Jack

"Lumbering Jack", The Topper Book 1972

John Dallas was a studio artist at DC Thomson. He took over "Beryl the Peril" in The Topper after Davy Law's final illness in 1970, and drew the strip until 1986. He also drew "Tricky Dicky" (1976) and "Souper Boy" (1979) for The Topper and "Lumbering Jack" for the 1972 Topper Book, as well as "Joe Soap" (1975) for Cracker and "Tony Jackpot" (1977) for Plug. In 1987 he took over "Ball Boy" in The Beano from Malcolm Judge, and drew it until his retirement in 2003. He also drew "Chip the Stone Age Boy" (1995) for The Beano, and "Saucy Sue" (1981-87) and "The Badd Lads" for The Beezer. He lives in the Dundee area.


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