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Jim Alexander has written "Judge Dredd", "Calhab Justice", "O'Rork" and "Pandora" for the Judge Dredd Megazine and "The Grid" for 2000 AD in the early-mid 1990s. Since then he was worked for Marvel, DC, Tokyopop and Metal Hurlant. He currently writes "Ben 10" and "Generation Rex" for Cartoon Network Action Pack. He is a member of Black Hearted Press for whom he writes "Scout One", "Gabriel" and "GoodCopBadCop".

In 2012 he set up a small-press label called Planet Jimbot.[1] Its publications include Amongst the Stars (drawn by Mike Perkins), Wolf Country (drawn by Luke Cooper), the anthology Amazing & Fantastic Tales[2] and Savant (drawn by Will Pickering and Fin Cramb; originally conceived for Strip Magazine).[3] GoodCopBadCop[4] and Gabriel[5] have also been rebranded as Planet Jimbot comics.



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