Jason Cobley is a comic writer best known for creating Frontier (with artist Andrew Wildman) and the character Captain Winston Bulldog.

Winston Bulldog first appeared in 1993, starring in a series of small press comics written by Cobley and drawn by various artists including Neill Cameron, PJ Holden, Phil Elliot, Jim Cameron and Kieran Macdonald, amongst others.[1] Some of the strips were later compiled into the anthology The Greatest Adventures Of Captain Winston Bulldog, while the two-issue miniseries Bulldog: Empire was included in The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga volume 1.[2]

Frontier was originally serialised in the short-lived weekly comic The DFC. Following the cancellation of The DFC the strip was collected as a hardback, Frontier: Dealing with Demons.

Other comics written by Cobley include The Legend of Tom Hickathrift, drawn by Paul Harrison Davies and telling the story of a character from East Anglian folklore;[3] and adaptations of Dracula (drawn by Staz Johnson), Frankenstein (drawn by Joe Sutliff Sanders), Henry V (drawn by Bambos) and An Inspector Calls (drawn by Will Volley).



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