"How to Make Awesome Comics" is a feature from The Phoenix, written and drawn primarily by Neill Cameron. As its title suggests, it is geared towards teaching its readers various aspects of making comics.

The feature went through a number of permutations. Originally, it took a "comic about comics" format (very similar to Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and its sequels), with two characters named Professor Panels and Art Monkey acting as hosts. Not all of the later instalments follow this approach; some instead offer a more typical step-by-step guide to drawing something. The title also frequently shifts, with the feature sometimes being known as "Art Monkey Adventures" or "Art Monkey Club".

To date, the strip has appeared in issues 0-13, 15-18, 20-33, 35-38, 40-46, 48-56, 58-68, 73, 75-97 and 101-104. In issue 113 The Phoenix began a regular feature entitled "How to Draw" which is similar but does not follow the comic strip format of its predecessor, and is focused on showing readers how to draw various Phoenix characters by a range of different artists.

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