Hector Vector and his Talking T-Shirt was a strip by Banx which appeared in Oink! between 1986 and 1988. It first appeared in the publication's mini-relaunch issue #15 which also introduced several new other strips including Psycho Gran and Pete and his Pimple.

In the introductory strip, "the world's rudest boy", Keith Disease inadvertently summoned Beelzebub by shaking a packet of crisps. After failing to show the requisite awe at the dark lord's appearance, Keith was cursed to spend eternity as a talking print on the T-shirt of a bystander, Hector Vector, who was initially blithely enthusiastic about the idea. There followed numerous adventures in which Hector would be shown up in public by his T-shirt, which would gleefully insult strangers and generally embarrass him.

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