The further adventures of a dog called Grendal from the pages of 'the ImPrisoned' cartoon strip


The second digital comic book by writer/artist Sam Madeley the character Grendal emerged fully formed in the ImPrisoned storyline that was tentatively published in the late nighties alongside Hawkwind fan materials. The full story arc saw publication as a digital magazine in 2012 on the ebook site.

In January 2013 Grendal Unleashed: Trashcan Edition was included as a free download in the smashwords catalogue and features 'work-in-progress' artwork pages of the first issue alongside a three page 'archive' story featuring the main characters.

About the AuthorEdit

Sam Madeley is a British cartoonist and illustrator reknowned for his anthropomorphic animal images, he first came to international notice as one of the artists contributing to DC's 1994 The Big Book of Urban Legends, in comics his work is mostly in the small press magazines of the 1990's. His wider work can be found in the gallery of the Black Box Theatre Company where between 1999 and 2007 he produced a series designs and artwork, on the covers of cricketing magazine The Googly and on the covers of the novels of Stephen Moss Ennis.

As editor he produced the 1997 Sufferin' Satellites Dan Dare Magazine, contributing the Dare vs The Judges storyline Broken Mirror and between 1997 and 2001 performing a multiple of roles on the magazine Festival Eye he received the credit of 'Gopher'.

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