"Fraser of Africa", from Eagle, 1960-61

George Beardmore wrote Napoleonic war strip "Jack O'Lantern" (drawn by Robert Ayton, C. L. Doughty, 1950-59) and colonial adventurer "Fraser of Africa" (drawn by Frank Bellamy, 1960-61), and co-wrote the second "Dan Dare" story, "The Red Moon Mystery", with Frank Hampson (1951-52), for the Eagle, and "Captain Starling" (drawn by Paddy Nevin), "Belle of the Ballet" (drawn by Stanley Houghton) and "Kay of the Courier" (drawn by Bob Bunkin) for Girl. He also wrote spin-off novels featuring Jack O'Lantern and Belle of the Ballet. So far, unable to find any biographical information.

He also published several novels and his wartime journals were published as 'Civilians at War'. This book contains much biographical detail.

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