Fraser of Africa ran one page a week in full colour in the Eagle in 1960-61, written by George Beardmore and illustrated by Frank Bellamy. It follows Martin Fraser, a white hunter in the game reserves of colonial Tanganyika, as he tracks down an American film star who has gone missing on safari, hunts down European ivory poachers, and helps a Maasai warrior rescue his tribe from Arab slavers. Bellamy, who had long had a fascination with Africa, corresponded with a farmer in Kenya who advised him on the accuracy of the wildlife depicted, and used a limited palate of browns and yellows to capture the parched East African landscape, only occasionally breaking into blues and reds. A collected edition was published by Hawk Books in 1990.


  • Norman Wright, "Frank Bellamy and Fraser of Africa", introduction to Eagle Classics: Fraser of Africa, Hawk Books, 1990

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