"Elephant on the Run" was a strip that ran in Cheeky Weekly from September 1978 to February 1980. It was drawn primarily by Robert Nixon, with Barry Glennard and Vic Niell occasionally filling in.[1]

It starred a circus elephant named Walter who was chased about town by a character known only as "the man in the plastic mac". Cartoons and comics about animals persued by human antagonists were nothing new, but "Elephant on the Run" added a dash o of absurdity: developing amnesia after a circus act gone wrong, Walter had no idea why the man in the plastic mac was chasing him, or why his face was plastered across wanted posters. A running gag saw Walter successfully evading capture using ridiculously thin disguises, such as a bowler hat and false moustache.

The "Elephant on the Run" strips were originally presented as being part of The Mystery Comic, a fictional comic-within-a-comic read by the main Cheeky characters.



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