Cover of issue 2

Bulletproof was a shortlived anthology published by Bulletproof Comics in 2008.

At one point scheduled to launch in 2003[1] Bulletproof actually appeared five years later and lasted for two issues, published in April[2] and October of 2008,[3] although issue 1 is dated 2007. In addition each of these was released alongside a 12-page abridged version for distribution in conventions; these were numbered 0 and ½.

A third issue was completed,[4] with a cover and preview pages posted online, but its scheduled date slipped from sometime in 2008[5] to March 2009.[6] In the end, neither it nor an announced fourth issue ever materialised at all.

The anthology appears to have been conceived at least in part as a testing ground for properties to be published by the company: the strips "Redstitch" and "Marren Kane" were set to be expanded into a four-issue miniseries and a series of one-shots respectively[7][8] but all that came of these was a twelve-page preview issue (again numbered 0) of Marren Kane.

A few of the strips did continue after the anthology's demise, however. "Ex Astris" went on to appear in Spaceship Away,[9] "The Funguys" migrated to Wasted and "Armageddon Patrol" was published as a graphic novel.


Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Strips that were set to be published in the abandoned third issue included...[10][11]


  11. "Simba Khan" was advertised on the back cover of issue 2

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