Binyamin Zeev Immanuel was born in Latvia[1] and arrived in Britain in 1933 armed with three pounds. He studied economics at University College London, and taught in a private school in Brighton. He married Esther Benjamin in Hammersmith, London, in 1941. In 1946 they leased premises at 37a Kensington High Street, from which he ran the Apex Publicity Services and his wife ran an employment agency. A year later they jointly set up a small publishing company, C. A. S. Ltd, which, after a successful book of photos of Rita Hayworth, launched a comic, Smasher Comic. In 1947 they launched Top-Notch Comic under the Apex Publicity banner, and in 1948 established Scion, which published a series of comic titles, most of which only lasted one issue. Scion also published paperbacks in the early 1950s. Immanuel sold Scion to the Henry Squires conglomerate in 1954, and it was absorbed into Squires' other operations in 1956, ceasing to exist. Immanuel was naturalised as a British citizen in 1969. No further record of him can be found, although his wife Esther died as a British national in Nice, France, in 1975, aged 61.


  1. According to Clark. His naturalisation certificate says "of uncertain nationality". Clark also gives 1927 as his birth date, but that would have him arriving in Britain at age 7 and marrying at age 14.


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