Big Eggo's first appearence

Big Eggo
was a strip that first appeared in issue #1 of The Beano (dated 30 July 1938), and graced that publication's cover.[1] The strip, which starred an ostrich and was originally drawn by Reg Carter, stayed on the cover for ten years until Biffo the Bear became the new cover strip, with Eggo reduced to a cameo on the masthead. His strip continued to appear in the comic, albeit as a black-and-white quarter-pager, until finally being retired in 1949. He remained on the masthead until the mid-fifties.[2]

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Eggo remained on the cover of The Beano until issue 326, dated 10 January 1948. Biffo the Bear took over two weeks later, as at this time the comic was published fortnightly due to paper rationing. He continued inside the comic until issue 358, dated 2 April 1949 (the strip ended because his artist died, this was mentioned in Beano and Dandy 70 Years: Crazy About Creatures, published with the 2008 annuals), although a picture of him remained on the front cover (next to The Beano legend) until 1954, when he was replaced by Dennis the Menace. The next time a picture of him appeared in the comic was in issue 2000, dated 15 November 1980, when the cover of the first Beano was reprinted on the back page. Big Eggo is seen at the top saying "Ah! The good old days!"

In issue 3093, dated 27 October 2001, he made a guest appearance in a one off strip called 'Lord Snooty's Day Out' drawn by Ken H. Harrison. He is revealed to be living in the Beano Retirement Home, along with Jonah, Lord Snooty and Jack Flash. He looks much more elegant, when compared with his ugly previous look when he had scaly legs and feet, with a scabby head and hands on the ends of his wings. He would later appear again in the 65th anniversary issue (3185, 2 August 2003) when he met Gnasher and Gnipper.

In the exhibition celebrating the Beano's seventieth birthday, it was revealed that he was originally to be called Oswald the Ostrich, but a last minute change by then Beano Editor George Mooney changed it to the now titular Big Eggo.



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