Hill-bert sparkler1931

"Wurzel Farm", Sparker, 1931

Albert "Bert" Hill was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands on 1 December 1901, the son of Alfred Hill, a gardener, and his wife Selina, a shopkeeper. He left school at thirteen and became a cinema projectionist, and later joined a firm of printers. His employer encouraged him to submit his drawings for publication, and he started submitting cartoons to the Amalgamated Press. His first cartoon was published in Merry and Bright in 1920, and his first comic strip was published in Larks in 1929.

In the 1930s he worked for Target Publications in Bath, who allowed him to create his own characters and strips, including:

Target were bought out by the AP in 1939 and their titles were discontinued. Hill drew various strips for them, including "Lil and Lena" for Butterfly and "Puckville" for Puck, as well as ghosting for other artists.

The Channel Islands were occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, and Hill was unable to work. After the war ended he resumed his career, drawing children's features for the Guernsey Star newspaper, and contributing various strips to Gerald Swan's comics, including:

He retired to Chichester, and died on 22 October 1986, aged 84.


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