"Beat My Score" is a strip that was printed in issue 9 of CLiNT. It was plotted by comedian Jimmy Carr, with art and dialogue by the Japanese manga-ka Ryusuke Hamamoto, colours by Gurihiru and lettering by Comicraft and Ned Hartley.

The strip tells the story of a university student named Kazuki Miyata who uses, a site for registering high scores, be they on video games or exams. After getting the highest maths score in his university Kazuki reaches #2 in the site's ranking; he then takes it upon himself to get into first place.

After getting a message from the site's administrator Kazuki goes to his university and, behaving as though he is in a real-life video game, performs a school shooting. As the students are murdered, one makes a final effort to stop Kazuki's rampage.

The Daily Mail ran an article calling "Beat My Score" a "sick" and "shocking" strip that "will horrify the families of school shooting tragedies such as Dunblane and Columbine".[1] The strip was defended by Lew Stringer, who called the Mail piece "a lame attempt by the Daily Mail to whip up controversy where none exists" and argued that the whole point of the story is that the killer has been desensitised to violence. He also contrasted the article to an earlier Mail piece accusing The Beano of being too politically correct.[2]



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