Eagle01 p02 PC49 panel2

PC 49, drawn by Strom Gould, Eagle, 1950

Alan Stranks was born in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, in 1903. He made his name as a lyricist in Australia in the 1920s, before moving to England where he became better known as a scriptwriter for radio, cinema and comics. He scripted the adventures of PC 49, first as a radio serial (1947-53), and also in two feature films, The Adventures of PC 49 (1949) and A Case for PC 49 (1951), and a comic strip, drawn by Strom Gould and John Worsley, in the Eagle (1959-57). He also wrote scripts for Dan Dare, including the serial "Prisoners of Space". He wrote the lyrics for "All" the song which was Britain's first entry into the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957. He died of a cerebral haemorrhage while on holiday in Barcelona, Spain on 18 June 1959, and is buried there.