Alan C. Hemus was born in Birmingham in the third quarter of 1925, son of Cyril E. Hemus and his wife Agnes, née Brislin. He served in the Army during the Second World War, before taking a job in local government in Leamington Spa. In his spare time he wrote, selling stories to magazines like Woman's Own.

He was approached by DC Thomson managing editor Willie Blain to write for the company's comics and story papers, and, drawing on his own military experience, created the long-running serial "The Vigils of Sniper Dennison" for The Wizard. He also contributed stories to The Rover and The Hotspur and Thomsons' girls' papers.

In 1953 he moved into comics, starting with a comic strip version of "Sniper Dennison" for The Victor. Other strips he created included "Lord Cochrane", "Saul Sands" (The Victor), "Red Star Robinson" (The Hotspur, 1969-73, art by Ron Smith), "The Winged Warriors of Flame Island" (The Wizard, 1972, art by Ian kennedy), "Tom Smith's Schooldays" (Buddy, 1981-82, art by Brian Delaney), "The Warriors of the Painted Horse", "He Was Only a Private Soldier" (The Wizard, 1973, art by Carlos Ezquerra), "The Black Fin" (The Wizard) and "Kampfgruppe Falken" (Warlord, 1977-). In the 80s he created the recurring characters Grok and Zero and Skald and Solo for Starblazer. From 1990 on he wrote over 80 stories for Commando.

He also wrote romance stories for The People's Friend, and children's adventure novels, including The Trust (1998). He died in Clun, Shropshire, on 16 January 2009, at the age of 83.


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